Saturday, May 18, 2013

I didn't forget you guys!

I have so much to share that I'm bursting at the seams! I had to put my blogging career on hold the last two years as much as I hated to, and as much as I missed you guys both here at at Super Hero Boy but so much has changed over the last two years that I'm nearly beside myself with joy to share it! Some of you following my facebook page and facebook storefront may already know one of the big items I have to share, but the other one is still sort of (there has been hints made online) top secret. I will reveal that one in the near future as well!

The first big news since my last blog is sort of sad, sort of happy, but we sold Piper. I know its something I said I would NEVER do, but it was really time. We purchased Piper as a therapy horse for my son Dylan who at the time had a pending CP diagnosis (thankfully it turned out that they were wrong and after a year of fairly intense physical therapy he made a full recovery) and to be my trail riding horse as I recovered from breaking my arm that same year. Though we had our ups and downs in our training progress she was a total godsend when it came to the kids and was by far one of the most reliable trail mounts Ive ever owned. I am so proud to have called her ours, and even more proud of the progress she made while she lived with us. She really went from something really nice, to something VERY special. In the end the right family came along and we passed her along to a very deserving family and little girl who cherish her as much as we did!

With all that said, sometimes I think that making a decision that almost breaks your heart in the end opens you up for really amazing gifts and selling Piper was in many ways the domino that started the current trend of amazing news of us. The first of which was buying our first welsh cob section D, which has always been a dream of mine, who I hope to start making some progress with in the next few months. She has had some time out of work and she's got a solid base to work with but she's rusty and has some trust issues that we will need to work through. Otherwise she's absolutely goregous and more than I could have ever hoped for in our first section D cob.

Otherwise, the real news of this post is.......... (drum roll please)...... One of the things I have always hoped for and wished for finally came true. Mind you its about 15 years late, but for those of you that know me and for any of you that have read anything Ive ever written about horses... you'll have some clue as to how much this means to me. Tarheel Mac, my youth show horse, came home after 18 years being gone! He is 31 years old this year and he is still as much of a blessing as he was to me in my teens as he is to me now. My heart overflows with joy every single time I see him standing out in the pasture. He needs to gain a little bit of weight but overall he looks fantastic considering his age. I will write more about him in the upcoming months (if you're following me on facebook you'll see more up to date posts) but lets just say its a dream come true!