Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review : Turtle Neck Fly Away Turtle Fly Sheet

Those of us that know us or have been following on facebook know that Piper has one flaw and only one flaw... she's allergic to gnats. Actually as soon as she started shedding her hair in the spring I realized we were going to have some issues this summer especially with the especially hot and dry temperatures we've had in Alabama. The first thing I did was order her a fly sheet, hood, and fly mask combo hoping to be proactive before the problem really got underway. I however quickly realized that the blanket I ordered her was not only too heavy for our super hot summers but the weave on it was too open and though it did do an excellent job of keeping off flies though it did nothing at all to protect her from those awful gnats and mosquitoes.

So in my quest to find the perfect fly sheet I came across TurtleNeck and their awesome line of blankets. We were lucky enough to get a TurtleNeck Fly Away Turtle to review and I can honestly say without any reservations that this blanket totally changed Piper's life. I just can't say enough about this fly sheet and I'm honestly not even sure to begin as I could go on for three pages about how much I absolutely love it and what it has done for Piper. The biggest thing is the material the sheet is made out of as it is made from woven thermoset monofilament nylon.. or what you might know of as fishing line. It not only makes this the most breathable and lightweight fly sheet I have sever seen! Not to mention the fact that the weave is very tight so it protects against even the smallest of bugs. The coolest thing though is the neckline as its totally stretchy, as well as all of the straps, giving the blanket not only a really custom looking fit but its the ONLY blanket that I've ever owned that does not shift, not even when Piper lays on her back and scoots. It always comes back up with her exactly where it was before.

Piper has been wearing her Fly Away Turtle 24/7 in rain or shine and even on the hottest of days for three weeks now in a paddock turnout with four or five additional horses. Even with rough play, her scratching, rolling, rain, mud, and other nonsense the blanket looks great and doesn't have any wear marks to speak of. Actually the only thing that has happened to it is since we have clay soil when she rolls in the mud it turns totally red (it is usually white) and it's been slightly stained off pink from the dirt. I can't honestly tell you if that will come out as Piper lives night and day in that sheet and I've not taken it off her long enough to wash it and the only maintenance we have done is rinsing it off with the hose (while it is still ON Piper) if it gets really muddy. It has left no wear marks anywhere on her and Piper's coat is by far the best its been all summer as she has had no new itchy spots spring up since we started using the Fly Away Turtle and most of her older ones especially the spots on her shoulders have regrown most if not all of their hair!

The Turtleneck Fly Away Turtle is priced in the higher range for fly sheets at $125-$150 for both the fly sheet and the hood (which IS removable) but it comes with a one year warranty against rips, tears, bites, and pretty much anything else your horse can throw at it to the "shell" of the blanket. It does not cover damage due to bob wire, improper washing or otherwise improper use. The warranty covers the blanket only not the binding or straps. However it does come with an extra set of straps and hardware that you can replace yourself if needed. In the end seeing as it is not uncommon for me to have to replace a fly sheet twice in one summer do to bites and rips from standard horse wear and tear the Fly Away Turtle is a steal at that price. Though honestly I would be highly surprised if we have to send Piper's blanket in for repair even with as much as she wears it. It's by far the sturdiest fly sheet we have ever seen even with how lightweight it is.

The only complaint I have about the Fly Away Turtle is that they do not have a matching fly mask. We've gotten so spoiled by the fly sheet and the improvement in Piper's coat that I'm actually really bummed that her face is still for the most part hairless. She wears a fly mask made by another company and though it does the job it does not protect her nearly as well as her blankie does.

You can learn more about TurtleNeck products and search for a retailer near you or online to buy your own by visiting the TurtleNeck website.


  1. I bought two rain sheets from Turtle, first day it rained my horses came in soaked to the skin, I called Turtle and told them. after being insulted.. "you horse people" etc we finally came to an understanding.. Good thing I don't insult back or I would not have gotten anywhere.. The replacements came and they are water proof, however, the size 78" was more like an 80 - 82" and they had changed the design with this batch, I guess. The neck was too tight and too high. I emailed them again and they never answered back.. The product doesn't not seem to have a standard and the people really don't seem to care. It seems to be business people selling their product and not horsey people understanding what we need.