Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review : Absorbine ShowSheen Finishing Mist

Growing up I learned very quickly that there were two things expected to be in your grooming tote to go to shows, ShowSheen and Baby Oil. I'm fairly sure there were more days than not in the summer that I woke up to the smell of ShowSheen and went to bed smelling like it too. I think everyone who has ever owned a show horse has a bottle of ShowSheen somewhere lurking in their grooming box.

The new ShowSheen Finishing Mist works very much like the regular ShowSheen with a major upgrade. Especially the bottle itself. It is in a continuous spray non-aerosol can which can be sprayed in any direction including upside down. The bottle is very quiet and most horses, even the jumpy ones, will most likely not even notice that you are spraying it at all. When it comes out of the bottle it leaves almost a white foam on the horse for just a few seconds before it drys clear which is nice as you can see exactly where you just sprayed it. I especially like the fact that you can be much more exact as to where you are spraying it so you don't end up spraying more than you really needed to.

The ShowSheen formula had some upgrades as well. The biggest and most noticeable is the smell! This stuff smells amazing!!! They added jasmine and sandlewood to the mixture and the result reminds me more of a spa product for humans than something for horses. I absolutely love it and after spending a stinky day at the barn I'm really tempted to just turn around and spray my own hair with it! Heh. The formula itself has been upgraded as well with the addition of vitamins and silk proteins, the result is a more conditioned feeling finish. My only complaint with ShowSheen over the years was that it did dry out the hair with extended usage. I've been using this mist for about a month now once or twice a week and I've not at all seen that to be the case with the new formula. The upgrades to the formula is in both versions the Finishing Mist and the original as well.

The best part and always my favorite thing about ShowSheen is you can use it once a week or between baths and pretty much all you need is one application. I can spray Piper's tail on Monday and come back on Wednesday or Thursday and it is still as slick and shiny as it was when I first sprayed it. It's also the only product I trust to white socks before a show as well a know that you can clean them all you want the night before a show and you will wake up to a totally stained horse. ShowSheen will prevent stains from happening in the first place and keep the hair slick and dirt free. If you have a white horse it will certainly keep you from having to bath them quite so often!

The only downfall I can see at all to the new ShowSheen Finishing Mist is the fact that the can is not refillable. So if you like to buy the gallon sized containers to save money you pretty much have to stick to the original formula. However the can is very convenient to stick in your pocket at shows and very easy to use. My four year old absolutely loves it as he can spray it without issues where he has a real issue with large spray bottles.

You can learn more about ShowSheen Finishing Mist on the Absorbine website! You can also download a coupon for $2 off any Absorbine product good till December 2011!

Disclosure: We were given a bottle of ShowSheen Finishing Mist  free of charge, we were not compensated for this post in any other way. My opinions and comments on items we review are always my own and are never influenced by sponsors!