Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review : Natural Fly Spray by Ferrell Hollow Farm

I've been using natural skin care products on myself and on my children for as long as I can remember. I even used to make an awesome tea tree oil based soap that will work magic on itch winter skin, allergic reactions, and mild escema outbreaks. Though I have to say even I as a little bit skeptical when it comes to even considering a natural fly spray alternative. Though my intrest was certainly peaked when Ferrell Hollow Farm contacted us about doing a review of some of their natural horse care products. Ferrell Hollow Farm is a horse retirement farm and their products are inspired by the horses on their farm.

Ferrell Hollow Farm's Natural Fly Spray is a mixture of pure essential oils of catnip, peppermint and lemon eucalyptus with apple cider vinegar, neem and garlic oil. My ex trainer from last fall made jokes that it was made to repeal everything from flies to vampires as it does when you first apply it smell pretty strongly of garlic. Once its been on your horse for a few minutes I honestly think you smell more of the apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus and though its not overwhelming it does smell much differently than a standard fly spray. As far as comparing it to my normal fly spray it seems to work about the same as my name brand fly spray with one major difference. Last year as fall approached we had a really really bad month of horse flies. They were terrible to the point that Boo Boo and Zoomie both would kick and even buck when they got bit and nothing seemed to stop them from attacking the horses. The first evening I used Ferrell Hollow Farm's Natural Fly Spray I immediately noticed a huge difference in the amount of horse flies buzzing about us. I got into the habit of using the Natural Fly Spray before each ride and when I turned Zoomie out for the night and it was really rare to find a horse fly going after him.

The ingredients in Ferrell Hollow Farm's Natural Fly Spray are safe to use on horses with sensitive skin and around children, pets, and I happily sprayed my horses with no though even when my baby was nearby without fear of it getting on his skin. Really honestly the only big drawback I can tell you to using the Natural Fly Spray over a conventional spray is the smell. It really does smell like your spraying your horse's with a strong smelling salad dressing especially when you first apply it. Though I have to admit the smell makes me hungry more than anything else, heh.

You can check out the full line of natural horse care products on the Ferrell Hollow Farm website!

Disclosure: We were given a bottle of Ferrell Hollow Farm's Natural Fly Spray  free of charge, we were not compensated for this post in any other way. My opinions and comments on items we review are always my own and are never influenced by sponsors!