Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review : Cut-Heal Hoof Heal

We were introduced to Cut-Heal's Hoof Heal last fall before we took the short break from blogging. We had just sold Zoomie to a lady in Ohio when during his vet check the absolute unthinkable happened. For some reason the tack room was locked that day and Zoomie's bell boots were locked inside. I know I've been told a million times over never ever lunge a horse without bell boots but up till that day I had never had an issue. Zoomie typically does not overreach so I never thought twice about it. On the very last go around he got a little silly and bucked and came down on the coronet band and frog of his front foot with his back. The resulting injury was quite dramatic as he ended up loosing a large chuck of the back of his hoof and a good portion of the back of his frog as well. The cut extended above his coronet band as well and though a non horse person would have looked at the cut and thought it was no big deal, coronet band injuries can affect the proper regrowth of the hoof.

Thankfully the good people at Cut-Heal had sent us a bottle of Hoof Heal just days before the injury happened and I quickly shot them an email to ask if it was safe to use Hoof Heal on such an injury. I did wait about a week as the foot was wrapped in hopes that the shaved off part of the hoof would reattach but we never did get that lucky. Once his hoof dressing was off I started using Hoof Heal daily until it was time for Zoomie to leave for Ohio. The results were really quite dramatic.. though I was unable to save the shard that he shaved off the back of his hoof I saw foot growth and he was back to being totally sound within two weeks of his injury and noticeably sound within a week of starting treatment using Hoof Heal. I am still really quite stunned by the results.

Recently we purchased a new mare who has really great feet that do not seem to have any issues with crumbling or cracking even barefoot with heavy riding. However she is very tender footed and came to me with some existing thrush issues which have resulted in a pretty soft sole and frog. Though I keep her on a dry lot with no moisture her thrush especially in the front feet have gotten worst. What you might not know is that Hoof Heal is excellent as a thrush treatment. Currently Piper is laid up with what we think is either an abscess trying to pop through or a stone bruise. I've been using Hoof Heal for about a month now twice a week to the tops of her hooves but when I noticed her frog start to soften and the thrush smell start to get worst I also started applying it to the bottom of her clean hooves as well. We are now officially on her third application to the bottom of her hooves and I already notice a huge difference in the smell and texture of her frog area. I'm hoping by this weekend we are back riding and I will try to give you guys an update on how she progresses.

I highly recommend having a bottle of Hoof Heal around not only as part of your routine horse care but also as part of your treatment routine for hoof injuries, thrush, foot rot, and especially if your in an area where dry hooves and cracking is an issue.

You can learn more about Hoof Heal on the Cut-Heal website!

Disclosure: We were given a a bottle of Cut-Heal's Hoof Heal  free of charge, we were not compensated for this post in any other way. My opinions and comments on items we review are always my own and are never influenced by sponsors!