Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Product Review : Cut Heal Zonk-It35 Fly Spray

 The one thing I want to point out right away with Cut-Heal's fly spray Zonk-It35 is by far, hands down, absolutely, it's by far the best smelling, non fly spray smelling, fly spray... EVER. Now that you've seen me use way too many commas in one statement, I just had to make that point clear.
Zonk-It35 smells just like baby powder and there is absolutely no chemical or herbal smell related to it that I can distinguish. It's the one Fly Spray that I don't hesitate to use as I know if it accidentally ends up on me instead of the horse I'll most likely end up smelling like I just used baby lotion instead of the stall I just finished cleaning. Not that I recommend you go spray yourself down with fly spray but my horse certainly smells great after getting sprayed with Zonk-It35!

The fact that it smells so great made me a little skeptical at first on how good it would perform compared to some of the more traditional smelling fly sprays we have hanging around the barn. It's been the first spray I've reached for since we got our test bottles in and I can honestly say it works great. I spray BooBoo down once a week and we've had awesome results. Even my three year old human child who usually runs for cover any time I reach for some fly spray as he absolutely hates the smell doesn't mind helping me spray BooBoo and comments on how great he smells afterwords. Now that makes me question why can't every fly spray smell as great and still be as effective? We noticed it was very effective against flies, gnats, and even mosquitoes. Though I noticed a difference in the amount of horse flies that attacked us while riding I've not found anything that totally kept them away this year.

Zonk-It35 is a 0.50% permetrin spray and it can be used on horses, dogs, cattle and other livestock. However DO NOT USE permetrin sprays of any sort on cats. They just cannot handle them. Actually if your looking for a good spray to keep the ticks off your dogs, but something that you won't mind smelling when they snuggle up against you this is the perfect product! Zonk-It35 also has lanolin and aloe vera in the mix so its great on horses and dogs with sensitive skin and helps with the coat. The best part about Zonk-It35 is its VERY affordable with prices staring at around $5 for the 7oz spray. I actually plan on picking up a gallon refill before the end of the season which runs around $25, about the same price as two bottles of some of the other more expensive brands.

You can learn more about Zonk-It35 and Cut-Heal's other products on their website!