Friday, July 9, 2010

First step to loosing that weight is just admitting you have an issue.

I've been meaning to make this post for some time and the biggest problem was deciding which blog to post this on, Super Hero Boy or here on A Horse Reviews. Seeing as my biggest motivation for weight loss is the horses I figured A Horse Reviews is the best place.

First let me introduce myself. Hi my name is Angela and I'm a stress induced eater! Actually having two kids in the past three years has a lot to do with my weight gain and how horribly out of shape I am, but it does not help that when I'm stressed eating has always been a form of stress relief for me. Actually horses have always been by far the biggest stress relief in my life.. nothing is ever wrong with the world when I'm spending all my energy concentrating on learning something new or just even brushing one of my big furry best friends. Horses were always my coping mechanism growing up as we move alot and the biggest stable factor in my life was always my four legged companions. It got to the point that in my cases, and still to this day, I prefer their company to human companionship. It's a very strait forward relationship.. we get along.. or if not you buck me off. That's something I understand and even admire about horses. They are always the first to tell you when you mess up and the first to forgive when you really get something right, at least most of them.

So needless to say now that I'm back riding full time its without saying that I need to loose some weight. I've spent the last two weeks with some pretty terrible back pain and walking like I'm 80 years old. The biggest reason for that is when I'm at the barn, riding, cleaning stalls, sweating buckets, I just don't think about the fact that I'm pushing my already wimpy muscles well past their comfort zones. All I think about is riding, horses, and dream big dreams about how sooner than later my own boys will be taking their first real rides. I also worry myself over the fact that this marshmallow shaped post pardum body does not perform the same way that my younger much toner body used to work. Mind you my youngest baby is four months old and he did arrive via csection but that excuse will only work only a few more months at that. I won't even lie.. to my poor trainer's horror I can't even pull myself up on the 14 hand colts by myself. Though I will say I did get on Boo Boo last night with a tiny bit of help from a stool.

So to make a long story short... I need to loose at least 30 lbs. I should really set the goal higher than that but at the moment I think I'd be pretty ecstatic to loose that much. For the most part I really want to stop feeling like the Stay Puff Marshmellow girl. At any moment the Ghost Busters might be coming to get me, and that needs to change!  To make it there though I really need to cut my stress level as stress always makes me fall back into unhealthy patterns. My biggest problems is I really let other people and situations I can't control get under my skin. I spend way too much of my energy trying to make everyone happy and I've always known that its just not possible. I also really need to learn not to snack on my kid's food. If Connor doesn't finish his chips that does NOT mean I need to eat the rest in an attempt to save them from the trash. If its a big deal I need to just wrap them up and save them for later for HIM! School is also a huge stress factor but unless anyone wants to take my Calculus and Accounting classes for me I'm not sure I can change that one.

So if you see me chatting on Facebook and want to talk about your own weight loss goals, look me up! I need some moral support! I will say I have some pretty awesome reminders standing right in the middle of our barn not to mention my new partner in crime Boo Boo, a 14.1 hand reining prospect, who needs to loose a few pounds himself! I'd post a picture of me riding Boo Boo but seriously I don't want to embarrass myself that badly yet. heh.

More on this later!

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