Friday, May 7, 2010

A tough decision.

Connor is showing a huge interest in horses these days. He is a pro at mucking stalls, if you consider the fact that he mostly gets the clean shavings and not the dirty ones. He really wants to help brush, feed, and do all the daily chores but the problem is he's barely knee high to my 17 hand appendix bred quarter horse. Mind you I'm not even kidding when I say this kid runs full blast into Zoomie's stall, does a full face plant into one of his legs and attaches himself like a monkey to the side of Zoomie all the while screaming you're MY favorite horse! The problem comes in when you consider that Zoomie's head is longer than Connor is tall and I'm only 4'10 myself so when it comes to Connor actually getting to even just sit on Zoomie it becomes an issue. Not because I'm afraid that Zoomie would intentionally hurt Connor but that's a long fall if he was to fall and the last thing I want to do is give him a bad experience early on. At the moment Connor is soo enthusiastic about horses and wanting to help and seeing as my husband works third shift four days a week we spend most all our evenings at the barn when we can. Having a kid afraid of horses would put a huge wrench in my daily life. Zoomie though is a total angel with Connor at the helm of his lead rope, that kid can pretty much do anything I can do with Zoomie on the ground and Zoom actually behaves a million times better when Connor is in control. The other issue is though I ride predominately English I started off in western pleasure and doing all around. Finding English shows in our area is nearly impossible but western events seem to happen every weekend.

So I've very incredibly reluctantly decided to put Zoomie up for sale. He is by far the horse that I asked for and though he's still very green and really way more horse than we need at the moment he took care of us through most of my pregnancy with Dylan (my two month old) and I thank him every day for how great he is with my kids. Dylan comes with us to the barn most nights as well and I can't even tell you how many times I've had to set up Dylan's carrier in front of Zoomie's stall with Dylan screaming at the top of his lungs. (Dylan suffers from awful acid reflux and colic no matter what you do it's not at all uncommon for him to cry a good majority of the day.) Zoomie has never blinked an eye not even when Connor screams "fetch" and throws a ball near his face. I've decided we are going to look for a smaller all around or even possibly a reining prospect. My youth horse actually started off in reining and cutting and he went on to do just about everything from dressage to pony club to all around. He was barely 15.1 hands and I really want that same experience for my boys even if it does mean sacrificing my big puppy dog of a horse.

Has anyone else had to sacrifice a horse they really love in exchange for making their kids happy?

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