Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reining is completely uncharged territory for us.

Ironically enough my first big time show horse, Tarheel Mac, started off as a reining and cutting horse. The funny thing about that is other than timed events its really the only two things we never seriously attempted in the show ring. Tarheel went on to win at almost everything I put him up against from pleasure classes, to open jumpers, to dressage. Though he was never super competitive at the AQHA circuit against the larger pleasure horses he never failed to give me everything he had and then some. We tried a few local show reining classes but I never knew what I was doing past just treating it like a equitation pattern. Riding a reining horse was always something on my "must do" list and I've been lucky enough thanks to my new BFF, heh, Ed Wilson to have that luxury.

Actually riding Ed's horses is a total culture shock to me after taking five years off to have human babies and go back to school I feel a little like a big bowl of jello after three days of riding with him. Not to mention I've been riding with stirrups I can only barely touch with the tips of my toes! Lets just say I have muscles that are now sore that I totally forgot even existed. The biggest culture shock though is the size of the horses. After riding my 17 hand giant these little 14+ hand reiners seem so terribly small. Actually after spending most of the week with Ed my horse just seems a mile taller than he already was. I'm only 4'10 as it is so its sorta kinda nice to actually be able to see over the other side of the horse I'm grooming. Usually I just have to bend over and look under the belly as I can pretty much forget about ever seeing the other side of Zoom's back unless I use a ladder. Plus riding with someone new is always fun everyone does things differently and if your willing to listen you can really learn some new tricks or even new ways to do things.

I will be awfully glad though when I finally get this baby weight back off and even a little bit of muscle back. Tonight I ended up feeling totally all over the place as I was more concerned as to where my legs and butt were in relationship to the saddle than my hands. It's really hard to concentrate on what your doing with your hands when you've pretty much burned out everything you have left in your legs. I'm not complaining though coming home sore and exhausted only means I'm getting one tiny tiny step closer to getting better!