Friday, May 7, 2010

Our first reviews are underway and our new advertiser!

Cowboy Magic was kind enough to not only sign up for 12 months of reviews but they purchased 12 months of advertising as well!! After riding Zoomie today I helped a kid at the barn give his very first horse his very first bath (well at least the first bath he has ever given a horse.. especially HIS horse). We used the Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo, Rosewater Conditioner, and Detangler & Shine. Full reviews to follow after we use the products on more horses but I will say Charlie was awfully shiney once he had his bath. I followed up bathing Zoomie in another company's shampoo and it ended up leaving a residue so I'll be stuck bathing him tomorrow again, this time we will be using the Cowboy Magic shampoo!

I will say what I'm loving thus far about the Cowboy Magic products is the fact that they are safe for people and horses with allergies. I am very sensitive to anything touching my skin and will break out in a rash and I had my arms in a bucket for quite some time with no itching later. More in my full review to come.

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