Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Horse Reviews Media Kit!

My Background :

I have 20 years experience in horses and have competed in everything from AQHA all around, 4H, Pony Club and even the A Circuit with ponies. Though my heart lies in Appendix Quarter Horses and I currently own a retired AQHA appendix race horse who I’m retraining for all around.. I have two little boys who are always at the barn with me and I hope some day follow in my horsie footsteps no matter which sport they choose to compete in.

What we accept :

First of all, we get many submissions a day between our two blogs so if you send me an email and it takes me a few days to get back to you don't fret, if you don't hear from me within a week email again. Who knows its possible one of the dogs ate the email.

We take submissions for pretty much anything that can be used in or around the barn or horses. This includes tack, grooming items, suppliments, treats, toys, dvds, and of course stable equipment. If anyone has a ATV they would like to send so I can strap the boys on the back and go find Zoomie on the 80+ acres out back we'd be most appreciative, heh.

All incoming review items must be in market ready condition, no prototypes, no beta software, no ARC books. I want to see them as my readers would see them. Retail ready packaging is preferred but open box items are ok as long as they are in working order. Digital images, media kits, and product catalogs are helpful additions.

Please note have worked with some of the top companies toy companies, electronics, media, and the fashion industry as well as featured handmade items. Regardless of if its a high end saddle or a bottle of fly spray we are excited about each review we do . Regardless of an items price each review is treated the same.

We are handmade friendly. If you making halters from your garage or sew your own saddle pads I'd be happy to support you. Your welcome to pitch your items as well! One of my favorite halters that I've had over 10 years was made by a cowboy in his kitchen it's done in gorgeous black bridle leather with metallic silver padding. It's outlasted every halter I've ever owned and it still looks new even though it sees as much use as my nylon ones!

All review items once they arrive here become property of A Horse Reviews. They are not returned nor do we take items on loan typically. If you would like to hold a giveaway, you must provide a separate item than the one submitted for review. Want more exposure? We also offer advertising at ridiculously cheap rates.

Return Policy :

Review items are NOT returned. Every item that is submitted for review becomes the propriety of A Horse Reviews to be used how we see fit. Our testing process involves actual use of the product including getting it filthy at the barn and using it under every day conditions. With that in mind once we put an item into testing it stays here. If it's not something my own horse can use I will find it a good home amongst my review helpers in exchange for their time and effort doing the reviews.

Review Cost :

Standard Reviews - Reviews are free minus the fact that you are submitting a product. 

Sponsored Reviews - I may consider taking on a sponsored review or guest post. Please note that sponsored reviews are disclosed as such by FCC guidelines.

Time Frame On Reviews :

Due to the amount of submissions and the fact that I do have an active toddler underfoot our review process takes somewhere around 30 to 60 days. There is the rare case where a review is held over longer but this usually happens during the holiday season or special event on the blog. If your curious about the status of your review feel free to email or message me. 
Suppliment reviews may take a bit longer as we will feed them the entire 30 day cycle before publishing the review.

Advertising :

Yes, well offer advertising! See our advertisement section for more info. If you ask me I'm fairly positive we have one of the cheapest advertising you can find!

Republishing Our Work :

If you have been featured and wish to republish our review, or parts of our review, in your media kit you do not need to ask permission I only require that you give the blog full credit for anything written. Though I would love to hear about it if you do. If your a member of the press and would like to use our content as a quote or part of your article please contact me before doing so, this is usually not an issue.

Contact Info :

IM is the fastest and most direct way to reach me as its rare I am ever out of the range of a computer for more than a few hours. Due to my schedule phone and email sometimes takes a bit longer.

Google Im : angelaandconnor at gmail dot com
Aol Im : angelandconnor
email : angelaandconnor at gmail dot com
cell : email me for info

Contact me for my mailing address.

Email me at angelaandconnor at gmail dot com.


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