Friday, April 23, 2010

About us!

Zoomie and Connor at age 3
For as long as I can remember every night when I close my eyes the first thing I see are horses. Over the years the horse I dream about has changed, as a child it was a lime green welsh pony.. why I have no idea, as an adult it is usually the show horse I campaigned as a youth who was the best friend I ever had and I still miss him terribly. I think a horse appeared on every Santa, birthday, and pretty much any other wish list I could think of until my dad finally broke down somewhere around the second grade. Little did he know then that the little 14.1 hand quarter horse, Tonka, would be the first of many four legged hay eating family members we would have over the years!

My first show experience was on a leopard appaloosa appropriately named Dotty whom I showed in western pleasure at the Tarheel Horseman's Association shows around Lexington NC. She was a dream to compete with totally a foolproof sit up and look pretty sort of ride. She lasted all of three months as there was NO challenge and even back then I was a total sucker. Several others came and went before I finally laid eyes on my beloved Tarheel. I think everyone's first impressions of Tarheel, other than those who knew him before, was that I had totally lost my mind. It was the middle of summer and he still had a winter coat, his ears were way too long, and dare I mention he was the most awful shade of liver chestnut you can imagine and in his coat's state at the time it looked a little like canned liver gone bad. I can't even being to describe the moment I first saw him though, his lip hanging down, those big ears cocked to the side, I knew he was the one and from that day on that horse NEVER dissapointed me. We went on to win more titles than I can count in everything from hunter under saddle, open jumper, eventing, dressage, and even competed briefly in reining. If I pointed the way he did the job and it was almost unheard of for us to win anything less than blue no matter how outlandish the request I gave him. He was the horse every girl dreams of and all the other girls hate for you to have. Tarheel was not the only horse love of my life though there have been other since and there will be others in the future I'm sure. No one will ever replace my "moose" though. I was blessed enough to own a pony by the name of Millpond's Bugle Boy as well, a A circuit wonder, I raised him from a yearling, broke him, and passed him on. He went on to be many other little kid's "Tarheels" and I hope my own kids find their own "Blue" one day as well.

Tarheel Mac circa 1992

A Horse Reviews was born from the same principle I use in my parenting blog Super Hero Boy. We love our horses as much as family so why not give our horses the same sort of consideration and attention as I do my family? I can’t even tell you how often I’ve bought horse products only to find that the products I bought did not hold up to what I expected. I rarely see horse product reviews done past other than the short reviews you get on online horse stores. There are so many products I would have loved to try but would feel better about purchasing if I had an honest opinion of another horse person! I want to bring the same concept of product reviews as I do for my family reviews into the horse world to give horse owners just that sort of experience!